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"Bono . . . doesn't slave for weeks on the nuances of a lyric or a melody. He comes in and kind of leaps, and that can be an incredibly inspiring thing to see."

-- Edge

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Latest U2 Concert

May 23, 2015 , 7:30 pm

Tour: Innocence + Experience Tour 1st Leg (North America)

Venue: US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Main Set
  1. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
  2. Vertigo (snippet), Out Of Control
  3. Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (snippet), Vertigo
  4. I Will Follow
  5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
  6. Cedarwood Road
  7. Song For Someone
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  9. Raised By Wolves
  10. Until The End Of The World
Second Set
  1. Invisible
  2. Even Better Than The Real Thing
  3. Mysterious Ways, Young Americans (snippet)
  4. Angel Of Harlem
  5. When Love Comes To Town
  6. Every Breaking Wave
  7. Bullet The Blue Sky, Whole Lotta Love (snippet), 19 (snippet)
  8. The Hands That Built America (snippet), Pride
  9. Beautiful Day, One (snippet)
  10. With Or Without You
  1. Miracle Drug
  2. Mother And Child Reunion (snippet), Where The Streets Have No Name, California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  3. One

U2's second show in Phoenix begins with the same new entrance that the band started using a night earlier, with Bono on the E-stage and Patti Smith's "People Have The Power" playing over the PA. The band accidentally starts playing "Vertigo" as the second song, before quickly adjusting course and shifting to "Out Of Control." There's a new set piece that plays out during "Raised By Wolves" and "Until The End Of The World" -- Bono picks up books from the stage floor and tosses either the whole book, or torn out pages, into the audience. The idea is to reflect the post-bombing scenes from 1974 and connect to the torn book pages that fall from the ceiling at the climax of "Until The End Of The World." On a couple occasions during the show, Bono praises the Irish referendum vote yesterday in favor of marriage equality, speaking at length about it during "Pride" and then singing the "love is a temple / love the higher law" bits of "One" at the end of "Beautiful Day." There's also new outro music playing over the PA as the audience leaves: "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

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Latest U2 Tour News & Rumors

U2 To Perform At Roxy For KROQ - May 28

Posted: May 18, 2015
By: Sherry Lawrence

Bono announced on KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show this morning that U2 will do a private show for lucky KROQ listeners on May 28 at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. According to KROQ's website, you need to be a California resident to qualify. To win you need to "listen every-hour, on-the-hour, 9am-9pm this week for your chance to win tickets. Be caller 20 at 800-520-1067 when you hear the cue and win instant access to this exclusive show! You also can listen to The Kevin & Bean Show and the Furious 5 @ 9 daily for more chance to win."

KROQ is also offering a chance to win tickets through a trivia contest, but you need to get a perfect score to qualify. 

Bono also shared that his favorite number is 22, that they call the end of the stage the "e" stage (not the B stage) and that perhaps his facial hair in the busking skit on The Tonight Show might have been "a little too correct." We'll link to the podcast with the full interview once it's available.


Prizeo Contest Offers Backstage Access at Montreal U2 Show

Posted: May 14, 2015
By: Tassoula E. Kokkoris

U2 launched a contest with Prizeo today that will reward one lucky fan with a trip to one of their Montreal shows next month. The winner will receive airfare, two VIP concert tickets, a backstage pass and a tour of the Cirque du Soleil creative studios.

If that last perk seems odd, it's really not. The contest donations will benefit the nonprofit One Drop, which was founded by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté. Donation levels to enter start at just $10.

Watch Bono explain U2's partnership with One Drop for this campaign, and enter here.


From Father To Son: Step Inside 10 Cedarwood Road

Posted: May 14, 2015
By: Sherry Lawrence

The Irish Times reports there will be a short video that will accompany "Cedarwood Road" and it will feature Bono's son Elijah. "He [Bono] said the bedroom in 10 Cedarwood Wood represents the 'incubator' that every teenage boy’s bedroom is. 'You will see me as a teenage boy in that bedroom. It will look like me, but it will not be me. It will be my son Elijah.'”

The Edge said the band has rehearsed 60 songs and will select 24 or 25 to perform for each show. 

The Irish Times article also features a short video tour of 10 Cedarwood Road, courtesy of the home's current owners.


Innocence + Experience Tour Merchandise

Posted: May 13, 2015
By: Sherry Lawrence

Step right up and get your tour merchandise! Live Nation began selling the tour wares around 1 p.m. outside Rogers Arena gate 3 today. We have a full set of photos on our Facebook page. We're not sure if there will be different items tomorrow, like posters or different shirt designs. Note: all prices are in Canadian.


U2 Appears on Tonight Show, Premieres New I+E Tour Promo Video

Posted: May 09, 2015
By: Matt McGee

While U2 was doing a live dress rehearsal Friday night in Vancouver, NBC was airing U2's pre-taped appearance as the sole guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The band sat down for two short interview segments, did two songs live during the show (and more that didn't air on TV) and appeared in some comedy sketches, too. And maybe the biggest news of all was the premiere of a new promo video for the Innocence + Experience tour that offers the most concrete visuals about the stage design that we've seen yet.

The show began with a "Bono rides a bike" comedy sketch.

After that was a clip from U2's busking session below Grand Central Terminal, which led into two short interview sessions. There was nothing earth-shattering to come from what was said, but the interview included the premiere of this short Innocence + Experience tour promo clip. (Thx to U2News for uploading to DailyMotion.)

The show ended with U2 performing "Beautiful Day" and "Song For Someone," the latter done with Edge playing guitar instead of piano for an interesting (and great, in my opinion) sound. Here are those clips:

U2 also performed "Angel Of Harlem" with The Roots (Fallon's house band), and we're told they also did "California" just for the studio audience. NBC has posted "Angel Of Harlem" online as a web exclusive.


SPOILER/AUDIO: U2 Rehearsing in Vancouver with Lighting Production

Posted: May 06, 2015
By: Matt McGee

U2 is reunited back in Vancouver now, and rehearsals have resumed at Pacific Coliseum. An @U2 reader who wants to remain anonymous sent in the clip below from Wednesday night's rehearsals. It's "Bullet The Blue Sky," a song that we've heard in previous rehearsals, but a couple times during the video -- when the camera points toward the arena doors -- you can see inside that there's a full lighting production in place to coincide with this part of the song. Sounds and looks like the band is getting closer to having a show, which is good since the tour starts in a week.

We expect the band's rehearsals to move to Rogers Arena very soon. Neil Diamond performs there on Thursday, and U2 should have the venue as soon as he's out.

If you're not avoiding spoilers, the fans in our forum are keeping a running list of all known songs that U2 has rehearsed so far.


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