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"This might be one of those U2 records I even like."

-- Bono, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

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Latest U2 Concert

October 24, 2014 , 3:30 pm

Tour: Songs Of Innocence Promo Tour

Venue: Radio NRW, Oberhausen, Germany

Main Set
  1. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
  2. Every Breaking Wave
  3. Cedarwood Road
  4. Song For Someone
  5. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of, Fool To Cry (snippet)
  6. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)

U2 participate in an event called "U2 - Unplugged and Talk" that gave 200 radio contest winners the chance to ask the band questions and also hear them perform tracks from Songs Of Innocence. The event was moved early in the day to accomodate U2's appearance on the Late Late Show in Dublin later in the day. The songs performed were performed acoustically on a small stage. "Song for Someone" was stopped and restarted due to Bono having some difficulties with the song. The band play "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" a second time at the end of the performance. The full show is expected to be broadcast on October 27th.

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Latest U2 Tour News & Rumors

U2 Does Two Songs on BBC's Graham Norton Show

Posted: October 16, 2014
By: Matt McGee

The Songs Of Innocence promo tour continued Thursday as U2 participated in a recording of this week's The Graham Norton Show on BBC One. During the taping, the band did two full, electric versions of "The Miracle" and then did an acoustic version of "Song For Someone" from the couch when Norton asked the band to do one more song.

Here's the recap on @U2 Tours.

The show will air Friday evening on BBC One. And, for our US readers, BBC America will air the program on October 25 at 10:00 pm.

Next up: Bono and Edge will be on Absolute Radio's breakfast show Friday morning. (The interview was taped on Wednesday.) Friday night, the band is doing a live interview on iHeartRadio.

UPDATE: While it lasts, here's video of U2's two songs.


U2 Debut Two Live Songs on BBC Radio 2 Performance

Posted: October 15, 2014
By: Matt McGee

Two new tracks from Songs Of Innocence had their live premieres Wednesday night as U2 spent almost the full two hours on Jo Whiley's show on BBC Radio 2.

The band performed "Cedarwood Road" and "Song For Someone" for the first time, with both songs getting some help from an in-studio string quintet. Five songs were performed overall -- the others being acoustic versions of "The Miracle" and "Every Breaking Wave," along with "Stuck In A Moment" with Edge playing piano.

You can see the full recap on our new @U2 Tours site. You can listen back via the BBC's website, but you'll only have four weeks to listen.

There wasn't much news to come from the interview segments, but near the end of the show, The Edge had this to say about U2's tour plans for 2015: "We are definitely going out on the road with this album next year. We don't know exact dates yet. Indoors. Definitely starting smaller. This is about the songs -- this album and this tour."

(Thx to for use of the photo.)



Bono & Edge Perform Two Songs on French TV

Posted: October 14, 2014
By: Matt McGee

In what was pretty much a carbon copy of their Italian TV appearance two days ago, Bono and The Edge talked and performed two songs Tuesday night on the French TV show, Le Grand Journal. The appearance overall was shorter than Sunday night, but they sat down for some Q&A, then performed an acoustic version of "The Miracle." That was followed by a short interview segment, and then "Every Breaking Wave" with Edge playing piano.

We'll be adding video links and more to our @U2 Tours concert detail page as they become available.

Things should be a bit different for the next promo tour appearance. The band (or perhaps just Bono and Edge?) is due to perform on Jo Whiley's BBC Radio show tomorrow, and the early word is that they'll perform three new songs and one from U2's previous releases.


Bono & The Edge Perform Two Songs on Italian TV

Posted: October 12, 2014
By: Matt McGee

The Songs Of Innocence Promo Tour began tonight in Milan, Italy, as Bono and The Edge appeared on the RAI TV show, Che Tempo Che Fa. They sat down for a fairly long interview that was interrupted twice for acoustic performances. The first song was "The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)," and that was followed by "Every Breaking Wave" with Edge playing piano.

We have a couple screenshots on our @U2 Tours page about this performance.

Next up is a performance Tuesday night on French TV. We don't know if the full band will appear, or just Bono and The Edge again.

RAI has two videos: one is the interview and performance of "The Miracle," and the other is just the performance of "Every Breaking Wave." We'll also embed a video of the two performances below, but RAI has been active already in getting videos removed on copyright grounds.


Adam Clayton on Next Tour: 'We want to have two different shows'

Posted: September 30, 2014
By: Matt McGee

By most accounts, U2 is planning to tour again in 2015. If Adam Clayton's recent words come true, it could be an interesting and unique trek for the band and fans. We finally got our hands on the latest issue of Q magazine, which features U2 on the cover and includes interviews done with Bono, The Edge and Adam in the days right after the launch of Songs Of Innocence.

The Q article says U2's tour is due to start in May 2015, and includes this quote from Adam about there possibly being two versions of the show:

"We're booking the tour in pairs of shows. We want to have two different shows. That's the plan at this point, but it could all change."

Two different shows? That could be any number of things. We've heard rumors of the band wanting to do a show filled with hits and well-known songs in larger venues for a mass audience, and then smaller shows with less popular and less known songs for longtime fans. Alternatively, they could do a "hits" show and a separate show focusing more on newer material. Or it could be two entirely different ideas. Sounds interesting, in any case.

In the article, Clayton also estimates that the new album, Songs Of Experience, is about 70 percent complete, but he didn't make any guesses on when the other 30 percent would be finished.


U2's Next Tour A 'Stripped Back Affair'

Posted: September 29, 2014
By: Sherry Lawrence

Live Nation Chairman Art Fogel told The Independent that U2's next tour may be doing a 180 from U2 360. The Independent reports:

Fogel hints that the accompanying U2 tour will be a stripped-back affair. “Without giving away any trade secrets, when you get to that level of production and scale [of the 360° tour], it’s not such a bad thing to go back the other way. I’m not sure you can ever go beyond that 360° production and make any sense of it.” U2 will ultimately thrive, he says, because “they are one of the few acts who have mastered the ability to shrink a stadium and to create intimacy in a large space with a lot of people.”

This further corroborates previous comments from Bono and Edge regarding the band's upcoming tour plans.


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