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"Let's just say he's on the border between something and nothing."

-- Bono, on Edge's nickname

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Latest U2 Concert

September 22, 2017

Tour: Joshua Tree 2017 3rd Leg (North America)

Venue: SDCCU Stadium, San Diego, California, United States

Main Set
  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Magnificent Seven (snippet)
  2. New Year's Day
  3. Bad, America (Simon and Garfunkel) (snippet)
  4. Pride
  5. Where The Streets Have No Name, California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  7. With Or Without You
  8. Bullet The Blue Sky, War (snippet), America (Stephen Sondheim) (snippet)
  9. Running To Stand Still
  10. Red Hill Mining Town
  11. In God's Country
  12. Trip Through Your Wires
  13. One Tree Hill
  14. Exit, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe (snippet)
  15. Mothers Of The Disappeared
  1. Miss Sarajevo
  2. Beautiful Day, Heathens (snippet)
  3. Elevation
  4. Vertigo, Rebel Rebel (snippet)
  5. You're The Best Thing About Me (video)
  6. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
  7. One (video), Drowning Man (snippet)

U2 play their final USA show on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017, and it's a return to a stadium that has changed its name twice since they last played there: The band had previously visited the venue in its identity of Jack Murphy Stadium some 25 years ago on the Zoo TV Outside Broadcast Tour in 1992, and again on the PopMart Tour five years later in 1997. The stadium was renamed shortly after the PopMart show to  Qualcomm Stadium until just less than two weeks prior to this concert taking place when it was renamed SDCCU Stadium.

A bumper crowd wait until almost 9.45pm for the show to start, and it appears that the show may be a dress rehearsal for filming later in the tour, as there are lots of cameras filming at the show, and Anton Corbijn is seen at the show, and seems to be in some form of official capacity.

Following the standard main set (and which some of the Joshua Tree songs may be played for the last time in USA), the encore starts with "Miss Sarajevo" being played for the second time on this 3rd leg, and just a few songs later a very different acoustic arrangement, with a Latin American ambience, of "You're The Best Thing About Me" is dedicated to Ali Hewson by her husband, who informs the audience of her presence at the stadium. Bono references a new snippet for the first time at a U2 concert -- Twenty One Pilots' "Heathens" is sung during "Beautiful Day."

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Latest U2 Tour News & Rumors

U2 Cancels Tonight's Concert In St. Louis Amid Safety Concerns

Posted: September 16, 2017
By: Sherry Lawrence

U2 and Live Nation issued a statement via notifying ticket holders for tonight's show in St. Louis that the show is cancelled. The statement reads:

Live Nation and U2 regrettably announce their St. Louis show scheduled for tonight, September 16, 2017 has been cancelled. 

"We have been informed by the St. Louis Police Department that they are not in a position to provide the standard protection for our audience as would be expected for an event of this size. We have also been informed that local crowd security personnel would not be at full capacity. In light of this information, we cannot in good conscience risk our fans’ safety by proceeding with tonight’s concert. As much as we regret having to cancel, we feel it is the only acceptable course of action in the current environment." - Live Nation and U2

Fans who purchased tickets online will receive a refund on the credit card tickets were ordered on.  Refunds for non-internet purchases will be available starting Monday at 10am at point of purchase.

The cancellation comes amid protests by St. Louis residents regarding the acquittal on Friday of a police officer charged in the shooting death of a black man after a car chase last year. Protests turned violent overnight, and more protests are scheduled for today.


U2 debuts 'Best Thing' on NBC's The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Posted: September 08, 2017
By: Matt McGee

U2 on The Tonight Show

While U2 has taken an inclusive approach to this year's Joshua Tree tour, a portion of U2 fandom has been wondering what happened to the anger that U2 expressed a year ago during live performances at the iHeart Music Festival and Dreamforce events -- shows that were marked by blistering versions of "Desire" and "Bullet The Blue Sky," respectively.

Angry U2 made a return Thursday as the band performed two songs on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon -- including another scathing version of "Bullet The Blue Sky" that featured rewritten lyrics about current events and, in particular, President Donald Trump and North Korea. has already posted the full set of those lyrics, which include the following:

Ground shakes but the children can't weep
Vaporized in a single tweet
The emperor rises from his golden throne
Never knowing, never BEING known  
The lights are on the presidents home
Oh my god I've never felt so alone
Outside its America

As the band played, a video screen behind them switched from US-related images (the US flag, etc.) to video reels showing military parades and scenes (presumably) from North Korea.

Bono and Edge also sat down for a brief conversation with Fallon, before the whole band returned to end the show with the first live performance of "You're The Best Thing About Me," the new single from Songs Of Experience.

The Tonight Show's YouTube channel doesn't have either U2 performance online as I type this, but keep an eye on it in the next 24 hours and maybe that'll change.

UPDATE: The videos are now available. Use the link above to see some of the interview clips. Here are the two live performances.

Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC


It's Official: U2 On The Tonight Show Thursday Night

Posted: September 05, 2017
By: Sherry Lawrence

Jimmy Fallon just confirmed what we've been reporting for the past few days: U2 will be the musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Thursday. The show will air after the New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL game, so set your DVRs to run longer to accommodate the football game. It's anticipated U2 will perform the band's new single, "You're The Best Thing About Me," which drops to radio tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. EDT. 

UPDATE: Fallon announced during tonight's episode of The Tonight Show that U2 will perform two songs during Thursday's broadcast.


Popular Mechanics goes deep into the making of a Joshua Tree Tour concert

Posted: September 05, 2017
By: Matt McGee

It's no secret that a U2 stadium show is more than just the few hours that fans like us get to be inside the venue waiting for, then watching and listening to U2 play. We've all heard the stories about how many days it takes for the production crew to move into a stadium, and how fast they move out when it's over so they can get to the next city.

In its October 2017 issue, Popular Mechanics takes a deep dive into what it takes to put on a U2 stadium show. Writers Kevin Dupzyk and James Lynch spent a week watching U2's crew -- and the local workers -- load in, put on, and then load out U2's two shows this summer at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. There's no hard news in the piece, but it offers a really interesting look at the massive, behind-the-scenes effort required to make a U2 show happen. It's a long read, so make sure you have a few minutes free:

Every Night Perfect

There's also a brief video that accompanies the story, embedded below.


U2 shooting 'Best Thing' video at today's Amsterdam concert

Posted: July 30, 2017
By: Matt McGee

Need more confirmation that we'll be getting new U2 music sooner rather than later? How about this: Fans entering Amsterdam ArenA for today's U2 concert are seeing a sign that says U2 is shooting a music video for "Best Thing," the track that's expected to be the first single from Songs Of Experience.

"We are filming a music video currently entitled 'Best Thing,'" the sign says. It then goes into all the necessary legalese about how attending the concert gives permission for your likeness to be used in all forms of media, yadda-yadda-yadda. A fan named Theo McNeil tweeted this photo of the sign:

During Saturday's concert, Bono brought a girl on stage during "Mysterious Ways" -- a girl who was wearing a jacket with a lyric from "Best Thing." She was apparently planted there and brought on stage purposely; fans have seen her again today wearing the same clothes and with a video crew following her around the stadium.

This video shoot comes just two days after U2 did a video of themselves performing another new song that we think is called "Blackout" or "The Blackout."

"Best Thing" obviously seems to be a shortened title for "The Best Thing About Me Is You," a song that Bono talked about it in the February 2017 issue of MOJO magazine. Kygo, the Norwegian DJ/producer, played his remixed version of the song at the Cloud Nine festival in Norway last August.


U2 does a new song at 'secret' Amsterdam performance

Posted: July 28, 2017
By: Matt McGee

Details are sketchy, but it appears that U2 performed at least one new song during a "secret" event Friday night in Amsterdam. It happened at the Gashouder building at Westergasfabriek, a former gasworks facility that's now used for public events.

The event itself wasn't really a secret, since advertised it earlier in the week and asked fans in the area to come forward if they wanted to attend. Several Dutch media outlets also spilled the beans as the performance was happening, estimating that 200-300 people were invited inside.

U2 fans outside the venue have been tweeting now that it's over. Here's what we understand happened:

U2 performed at least one new song a handful of times. There are reports that some of the lyrics included lines like "when the lights went down" or "the lights go out." There was a second new song during the performance, but reports suggest U2 didn't play it live. (U2Valencia tweeted it was "by video.") An early report that U2 performed "You're The Best Thing About Me" seems to be incorrect.

And that's about all we know at this point. It sounds very similar to U2's video shoot in Santa Monica, California, for "Invisible" back in January 2014. If you made me bet money on what happened tonight, I'd say U2 was shooting a video for 1-2 of the new tracks on Songs Of Experience -- a good sign that we're getting a new album in 2017, as the band has promised several times recently.

UPDATE: We now understand from fans at the performance that the first song (the one U2 played a handful of times) may be titled "Blackout." That was the only new song planned for the evening. When filming concluded, fans were treated to a second new song over the PA after Bono received permission from Island to do so.


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