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"I'm in an interesting position because I'm the drummer. . . . People say what they feel, and don't feel that they're messing with my art."

-- Larry

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U2 Concert: Jun 20, 2017 at Landover , MD

Tour: Joshua Tree 2017 1st Leg (North America) 
Venue: FedEx Field 
Location: LandoverMD  United States 

See more concerts in the Washington DC area. 

Attendance: 49,827  (Capacity: 49,827)

Opening Acts(s):


Main Set
  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Magnificent Seven (snippet)
  2. New Year's Day
  3. Bad, America (Simon and Garfunkel) (snippet)
  4. Pride
  5. Where The Streets Have No Name
  6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  7. With Or Without You, Breathe (snippet)
  8. Bullet The Blue Sky, Black Dog (snippet), America (Stephen Sondheim) (snippet)
  9. Running To Stand Still
  10. Red Hill Mining Town
  11. In God's Country
  12. Trip Through Your Wires
  13. One Tree Hill
  14. Exit, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe (snippet)
  15. Mothers Of The Disappeared
  1. Miss Sarajevo
  2. Beautiful Day, America (Prince) (snippet)
  3. Elevation
  4. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
  5. One with Hear us coming, Lord
  6. 'Round The Outside (snippet), Vertigo
Releases Represented:
  1. The Joshua Tree had 11 songs
  2. All That You Can't Leave Behind had 2 songs
  3. The Unforgettable Fire had 2 songs
  4. War had 2 songs
  5. Achtung Baby had 2 songs
  6. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb had 1 songs
  7. Original Soundtracks 1 had 1 songs
Comments: U2 returns to the Washington, D.C. metro area for their first official concert since 2009. With a large contingent of ONE staff and DC politicians in the house, Bono name checks several of them during the show.

During “Bad,” Bono mentions the recent shooting in Alexandria and is glad that U.S. Representative Steve Scalise made it through okay.

“Still Haven’t Found" is dedicated to Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick of Washington, D.C. 

“One Tree Hill” is dedicated to Emma Oxford and her husband Michael Elliott, former president of the ONE Campaign, who passed away last year.

Later, before “Ultraviolet,” Bono thanks Congresswomen Kay Granger and Nancy Pelosi.

"Beautiful Day" features a new intro including audio of speeches from Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

And finally, in one of the most bizarre endings to a U2 concert, after “Vertigo,” Bono brings a fan on stage. While Larry performs a drumroll, the guy performs a handstand. Afterwards, the band wave goodbye quickly and leave the stage.

ATU2's Landover photo slideshow:

U2 - Landover - June 20, 2017  

Tags: Hear us coming, Lord

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