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"One of the central ideas of Zooropais that it is of the moment, it's catching the stuff that's in the ether at that time."

-- Edge

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U2 Concert: Jun 11, 2001 at Philadelphia , PA

Tour: Elevation 1st Leg (North America) 
Venue: First Union Center 
Location: PhiladelphiaPA  United States 

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Attendance: 19,268  (Capacity: 19,268)

Opening Acts(s):


Main Set
  1. Elevation
  2. Beautiful Day, Night And Day (snippet)
  3. Until The End Of The World
  4. Mysterious Ways, Jump Around (snippet), Sexual Healing (snippet)
  5. In My Life (snippet), Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
  6. Kite
  7. Gone
  8. New York, New York New York (snippet)
  9. I Will Follow, Anthem (snippet)
  10. Sunday Bloody Sunday, Get Up Stand Up (snippet)
  11. In A Little While
  12. Desire, Gloria (Van Morrison) (snippet), Elevation (snippet)
  13. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
  14. Bad, Wild Horses (snippet), 40 (snippet)
  15. 40 (snippet), Where The Streets Have No Name
  16. Pride
  1. Bullet The Blue Sky, Black Dog (snippet)
  2. With Or Without You
  3. The Fly
Second Encore
  1. One with Hear us coming, Lord
  2. Walk On, Hallelujah (traditional) (snippet)
Releases Represented:
  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind had 7 songs
  2. Achtung Baby had 4 songs
  3. The Joshua Tree had 3 songs
  4. The Unforgettable Fire had 2 songs
  5. Boy had 1 songs
  6. War had 1 songs
  7. Rattle And Hum had 1 songs
  8. Zooropa had 1 songs
  9. Pop had 1 songs

Tags: Hear us coming, Lord

8 Photos:


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  8. Media Review by Times Leader (Alan K. Stout 06/15/2001): U2 elevates rock to better, more important place

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