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"He's the type of person who'll hit you in the ass and get you going. It doesn't make you a lot of friends, but it's a great ability to have."

-- Adam, on Bono

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U2 Concert: Oct 24, 2005 at Auburn Hills , MI

33 Photos:


We have 24 reviews and 33 photos from this show.

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  1. Fan Review by Eamonn
  2. Fan Review by Jeff
  3. Fan Review by Valentina
  4. Fan Review by Hick
  5. Fan Review by Mike
  6. Fan Review by Jeff S.
  7. Fan Review by Elaine
  8. Fan Review by Kelli Beavers
  9. Fan Review by Doug
  10. Fan Review by Scott S.
  11. Fan Review by matthias
  12. Fan Review by Julie W.
  13. Fan Review by Brigid
  14. Fan Review by Damir
  15. Fan Review by Ryan
  16. Fan Review by Joe Tucker
  17. Fan Review by Mark Baker
  18. Fan Review by Adam
  19. Fan Review by Michael H
  20. Fan Review by Scottie Pinto
  21. Fan Review by Kara
  22. Fan Review by Cary S.
  1. Media Review by Detroit Free-Press (Martin Bandyke 10/25/2005): U2 thrills sold-out crowd with blend of old, new
  2. Media Review by Detroit News (Adam Graham 10/25/2005): U2 brings message of peace to The Palace

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June 23, 2017 , 7:00pm
Rogers Centre, Toronto, Canada

Opening Act(s): The Lumineers

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