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"Girls are wily. My girls give me lingering kisses on the lips, and I thought it was because they loved me, and I found out they were checking if I was smoking."

-- Bono

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U2 Concert: May 21, 2017 at Pasadena , CA

Tour: Joshua Tree 2017 1st Leg (North America) 
Venue: Rose Bowl 
Location: PasadenaCA  United States 

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Opening Acts(s):


Main Set
  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  2. New Year's Day
  3. Pride
  4. Where The Streets Have No Name, California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  5. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  6. With Or Without You, Breathe (snippet)
  7. Bullet The Blue Sky
  8. Running To Stand Still
  9. Red Hill Mining Town
  10. In God's Country
  11. Trip Through Your Wires
  12. One Tree Hill
  13. Exit, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe (snippet)
  14. Mothers Of The Disappeared
  1. Miss Sarajevo
  2. America (Simon and Garfunkel) (snippet), Bad, America (Simon and Garfunkel) (snippet)
Second Encore
  1. Beautiful Day, City Of Stars (snippet)
  2. Elevation
  3. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
  4. One with Hear us coming, Lord
  5. The Little Things That Give You Away
Releases Represented:
  1. The Joshua Tree had 11 songs
  2. All That You Can't Leave Behind had 2 songs
  3. The Unforgettable Fire had 2 songs
  4. War had 2 songs
  5. Achtung Baby had 2 songs
  6. Original Soundtracks 1 had 1 songs
Comments: It's the second show in Pasadena, and the first time U2 has played two shows in the same city. And that seems to be all the reason U2 needs to mix up tonight's setlist -- at least where they can. The pre-Joshua Tree part of the show shrinks by one song for the second consecutive show -- it's now just three songs, after having been five songs for the first three shows of the tour.

During "With Or Without You," Bono gets the die-hards in the audience riled up by saying "we'll shine like stars" right before the song's climax ... but then he doesn't actually sing it. After dedicating "Running To Stand Still" to the late Chris Cornell last night, tonight Bono dedicates "One Tree Hill" to him.

After the album is when song order really changes. First up is "Miss Sarajevo" with a shortened spoken intro from Omaima, the 15-year-old who's the centerpiece of the song's visuals. That leads into "Bad" and these form a two-song first encore. U2 leaves the stage again, albeit briefly, and returns to begin what has been the standard encore so far -- as far as things can be considered standard after 10 days, that is. "The Little Things That Give You Away" returns after missing one show and closes out the concert. At 21 songs, it's the shortest show -- by one song -- of the tour so far. "A Sort Of Homecoming" is the missing song, left out for the first time this tour.

Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Quincy Jones, Chris Martin, Adam Levine and Jimmy Kimmel are among the celebrities reportedly at the show. Bono namechecks Dave Grohl during "Bullet The Blue Sky," so he's probably there, too.

Tags: Hear us coming, Lord

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