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"Music expresses the inexpressible. All our songs are about that, about inarticulation."

-- Bono

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U2 Concert: Feb 27, 1998 at Sydney

7 Photos:


We have 23 reviews and 7 photos from this show.

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Fan Reviews Media Reviews
  1. Fan Review by Sharl Short
  2. Fan Review by John Petricevic
  3. Fan Review by Matt Elford
  4. Fan Review by Vincent Plunkett
  5. Fan Review by Alina Tooley
  6. Fan Review by Vincent Simonetti
  7. Fan Review by Evan Gallagher
  8. Fan Review by Hugh Watson
  9. Fan Review by Gene Davidson
  10. Fan Review by David Drysdale
  11. Fan Review by Craig Jakubowski
  12. Fan Review by Damian Jackson
  13. Fan Review by Peter Burrows
  14. Fan Review by Angela Coyle
  15. Fan Review by Diana White
  16. Fan Review by Alison Blacklock
  17. Fan Review by Stan Lukasiewicz
  18. Fan Review by Amanda Gilligan
  19. Fan Review by Alastair Wilson
  20. Fan Review by Diane Jaram
  1. Media Review by The Sun-Herald (Peter Holmes 03/01/1998): U2 brings out the cool in Keanu
  2. Media Review by Sydney Morning Herald (Richard Jinman 02/28/1998): Drizzle turns to dazzle for U2 gig
  3. Media Review by Sydney Morning Herald (Jon Casimir 03/02/1998): The night Bono made lemonade

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