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Before The Show

Where can I get ticket information?

Any known ticket information for upcoming concerts is posted in the main database of shows. Find the show(s) you're curious about, and ticket information will be posted with the listing.

Do you have seating charts for each venue?

Probably not, because not all venues have made their charts available. But when we know of a seating chart for a certain venue, it will also be posted with the database record for each show.

How can I sell or trade my concert tickets?

We recommend you join the [u2tour] mailing list on Yahoo Groups, where fans are allowed to swap tickets under certain conditions.

Please note that any ticket sale or trade offers you post MUST be for face value only. We will not tolerate posting by scalpers.

Also note that U2tours.com is not responsible for the execution of any ticket trade or sale you enter into.

How can I submit information you don't have about an upcoming show?

We're always looking for more info. about upcoming and past shows! Email us at admin ... at ... u2tours ... dot ... com if you can help us out, and thanks in advance!

After The Show

How do I submit a review?

First you need to use our database to locate the show you attended. Once you've done that, you'll see a link that says SUBMIT REVIEW. Just click on that link and you'll be sending in your review in no time flat! You must supply your name to post a review, but email address is optional.

Please only submit reviews that you attended -- no reviews of shows you heard on the radio or saw on videotape/audiotape/CD.

How do I submit photos?

After you have submitted a review, you will arrive at our Photo Upload page. You have the option to include up to 12 photos with your review.

If you don't have any photos to send, click the DONE button. Otherwise, use the form to find your photo(s) on your hard drive and click the UPLOAD GRAPHIC button to send your photo to the database. Click DONE when all your photos have been sent in.

Please submit only those photos which are rightfully yours!

And yes, you can send in photos without writing a concert review. In this case, please write a brief message such as "Enjoy my photos!" in the field where your review would normally go.

Can I rewrite my review? Can I change the photo(s) I sent?

We cannot edit any review once it's been submitted, nor can we change or delete individual photos. The only change we can make to is completely delete your review and all photos associated with it.

That said, your only option for changing a review and/or photo(s) is to start from scratch and resubmit a new version. If you plan to do this, please email us at admin ... at ... u2tours ... dot ... com first and request that we remove your existing review. Once this is done, you can send in a new version through the regular submission system.

How can I listen to audio or video of past concerts?

If audio and/or video is available from a particular show, it will be indicated with links that say AUDIO or VIDEO. Just click on the appropriate link and you'll be able to enjoy whatever we have to offer.

How can I submit audio/video to U2tours.com?

Email us at admin ... at ... u2tours ... dot ... com if you have audio and.or video available and we will contact you as quickly as possible!


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U2Tour list

Discussion specifically about U2's tours and live performances. Ticket trading and selling (at face-value only) is allowed.

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