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So you're just back from the show (AWESOME!) and you've got to tell somebody how amazing it was (YESSS!) and we won't believe what song they did tonight (WOW!) and there's so much to say (WE KNOW THE FEELING!) and ... where to start?

Right here.

U2tours.com has a database of reviews from fans just like you, and we've also added a few media reviews, too. All you have to do is use the online form to send your review and it'll be on the site in no time flat. Better yet -- add a few of your best concert pix while you're at it so we can see what you're talking about! Then be sure to tell your friends to read your review on U2tours.com -- the #1 source for U2 tour information!

How It Works

  • you must give your name in order to post a review; email address is optional
  • you agree not to use any obscene, indecent, or offensive language or to place on U2tours.com any material that is defamatory, abusive, harassing, or hateful
  • don't type in ALL CAPS, don't ignore basic grammar and punctuation, and don't submit something that is unreadable because of spelling or other problems - we may not post your review on the site; we don't expect perfection, but we do expect it to be readable
  • please submit your review in English
  • don't post a review that says nothing more than "It was a great show!" or "This show sucked!"; we don't expect you to write a book about each concert, but super-brief reviews are a waste of everyone's time and won't be posted to the site
  • your review will be added to the database immediately, but won't be posted until the review is approved
  • post up to 12 photos with each review; our system will automatically resize and compress photos that are too large
  • we will NOT edit your review(s) or photo(s) once they are posted to the site, so check your spelling

PLEASE only post reviews of concerts that you attended in person; we will not post reviews of shows you saw on TV, or heard on radio, tape, or CD!

ALSO do not link to photos or reviews on your personal web site or on 3rd-party web sites.

IMPORTANT: This is not a message board. This is a database of concert reviews. This is NOT the place to comment on previous reviews. Submissions like that will be deleted. If you have something to say about the show, we welcome your thoughts. If you have something to say about someone's review, take it elsewhere. Thank you.

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