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"We formed bands at 15. We're not normal."

-- Gavin Friday, on himself and best friend Bono

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by Paul Heyworth

A good U2 show, but not one of the best im afraid. I can only put this down to the venue (and in particular my awful seat) and perhaps the bereavment of Bono's father the previous day? For anyone who has never been to Earls Court then take it from me that it is a terrible venue for a concert. It was once a swimming baths for the public in the 1920's. Not much has changed from what i saw. Just a huge coldless building.

Anyone the show was good, but perhaps lacked that spark. If you where at the Manchester show (1st night) the previous week then you know what i mean. The Earls Court crowd seemed calm and still and apart from a few fans on the arena floor down by the heart i though the atmosphere lacked somewhat.

Credit to U2 and Bono though. They blasted out the tried and tested set for the 4th and last time in Earls Court. Popular for this tour was Out Of Control which was the highlight for me. At the end Bono sang a few lines of 'When Will I See You Again?" which was quite touching.

Not a bad show by any means. But certainly not the best. What with the venue and the death of Bono's father it all kind of seemed a little flat to me.

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