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"I was surprised how much insincerity suited me. The second skin started to stick."

-- Bono, on his Fly/MacPhisto days

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by markL.

absolutely, completely, utterly, LOUDLY, beautifully, awesome!!
The trusty Nissan Micra decided to pack up somewhere between Milton Keynes and watford which meant we diddn't actually arrive in at Earls Court until 3pm... no heart for me then. Still managed to get to the tip of the heart though, which after standing 50metres away at Roundhay in '97, i thought, would do me fine. So real. Sooo close!
The best bits had to be Elevation, Out of Control and Streets which was better than i'd ever imagined. the rest wasn't bad either mind.
Bonos voice sounded tired at times and he diddn't seem to bother with some of the high bits.. which considering present circumstances is fair enough. saw ali and paul mcguiness too down at the front. dont know what else to say.. MY EARS ARE STILL RINGING!! and my voice is still gone one week on...

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May 2, 2018 , 8:00pm
BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

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