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by Martin Edney

My second show in four days... I wasn't expecting to be at this one but after the disappointment of Sunday I had to do something. This would probably be me last chance to see U2 before their next visit to London.. which would be years away, so I cough the £120 the touts are asking at Earls Ct. tube before retiring to a bar in Sth. Kensignton. The good news is I have a standing ticket. Remarkably (we have been frequenting this bar for years) the 'best of 1990-2000' cd is playing in the bar, and they have never played U2 in here before (not when I have been in there!)

Then it's back to Earls Ct. I arrive late, missing the support, but when I get into the arena a lot of people are in the loo, or getting drinks, so I get very near the front. When U2 come on stage, to the first few bars of 'Elevation Intro' I can tell instantly that the sound is going to be awesome... and it is. What a totally different experience to Sunday. The sound is crystal clear, the view is cool, and U2 are on form. My faith in U2 as an exceptional live band is restored. Just wish I had a camera. I know the tickets say no... but loads of people have got them. Great to hear Sweetest thing.. and Out of Control. Then, before I know it, the band are off stage and it's just the encore to go. I love 'Walk on", it is one of my favourite U2 songs, and I am singing it to myself all the way home after what is probably my best U2 'live' experience to date. I can't wait for the next one, and there will be a new album first......

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