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"I find someone like [James] Joyce quite rock 'n' roll, because he was bending and messing with words."

-- Bono

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by JohnScott

U2 needs to banish Breathe from the leadoff spot. They have so many better songs to open with- No Line on the Horizon would be a much more exciting choice to kick off the show! Overall, U2 STILL REMAINS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD but age is beginning to creep in. Ultraviolet was an unexpected highlight where Bono really shined both as a singer and as a performer. The claw offered cool video screens but also obstructed vision lines if you were sitting directly behind any of the four legs.
Overall a smooth and steady show but one that is hindered by the omission of a few key songs such as Pride and New Years Day.Bono sang great and seemed to especially enjoy singing Moment of Surrender which he nailed!

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