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"I always thought passion was like a clenched fist. But when I relaxed, it flowed in a fuller way."

-- Bono

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by M. Coady

I agree with the other fan review. This was one of the loudest and roudy shows I have ever been to. It was almost so loud that you could not concentrate but great nonetheless. Bono actually scolded a fan who was grabbing at him..he told the fan to "let the f*ck go!!!" and you could hear it...pretty interesting. This was the first tour U2 put in the cat walk to walk out and do the accustical part of the set. I will say the version of ONE was the best live version I saw them do on this tour. I am also from Boston and to be in the Forum was a great thing for me as I grew up watching the B's play the Habs and that buidling would frighten me as a kid...don't know why. But Montreal is a great place.

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