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"I was surprised how much insincerity suited me. The second skin started to stick."

-- Bono, on his Fly/MacPhisto days

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by Christine Bienvenu

That concert was memorable because it was my first U2 concert. The exiliration of being in the same room as U2, seing them for real after having missed Joshua and Love Town (cause I was only 12). I think I was not the only person about to explode cause the Montreal crowd was just uncontrollable! Bono does often say that we are the loudest! They have a special attachement to Montreal for several reasons...Anyways.
The part I remember the best was when Bono called to order a pizza. When asked how many, the crowd went wild and Bono answered: "how many can you get here?" An electric evening that I will always remember. And I have been to 6 other concerts, but I must say that the Montreal venues are the loudest. Montreal is truly a great city...

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