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"I've nothing against synths, contrary to popular belief -- it's the machines who play the machines that worry me."

-- Bono

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by jznyd

One Republic was a good choice for opener. Sound was good and had excellent weather in Louisville. Opening of show was stronger than finish. Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, Bad, Streets and Bullet were the best of the night. Enjoyed much of the JT B side including Trip Through Yor Wires, thought Exit was particularly good. Nice to hear Ultra Violet too. However, felt the show ended abruptly. A 15 song "main" set for this price and a band of this stature/catalog is weak. "Encore" set was not the best. Miss Sarajevo is a bad choice. Just as they got it going a bit again with Elevation, to end it on Vertigo was a poor choice. I left disappointed. To me, the main set should have ended with Vertigo. There should have been a short (1-2 song) encore after Vertigo. This would have been a better way to close it up. Guess I should have known better and to expect a greatest hits type show for this tour. While there were a few bright spots off the B side and "encore" (Trip Through Your Wires, Exit, Ultraviolet), really seems as though they mailed it in for the latter half of the show. First U2 show I left not feeling uplifted and completely satisfied. Deliberately avoided setlists, reviews and your podcast prior to the show, prefer to go old school for concerts and take it in with as little preconceived expectations as possible. This show really had the feeling of the band becoming a nostalgia act. Did not like that feeling. I & E tour in 2015 was much better than this tour and did not leave the band with any nostalgia act feeling, yet included many of their classics. If the boys can get back to the creativity/theme/message from I & E tour, that would please this fan.

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