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"It's got a really spongy sound. We've found that when you're men, the slower tempos can be funky."

-- Bono, on "Elevation"

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by Charlie

I went tonight to the show and this was my 15th U2 show over 4-5 tours. This was the 2nd time this tour and 1st time being in the Ellipse.

I was in the Heart 3-4 times during the Elevation tour and this was similiar to the intensity and energy. However ... the boys sounded incredible tonight, better than I have ever heard them before. Bono's singing during the Miss Sarajevo was incredible. I was little disapointed when I first saw them on this tour ... but it was very early on and they have squarely found their legs. This show was blistering ... this would be one of the shows that I would recommend getting on tape if you can. I do try to make a point of seeing them later into the tour cause I always feel they give better shows later, rather than earlier into the tour.

One of the coolest things I saw at the show was seeing REM down on the floor. When my girlfriend and I first were going into the Ellipse (Institute had just started) I literaly almost ran into Mike Mills (Bass - REM).

Bringing the 3 young boys (2 different times) up on stage was also cool to see. The first time he brought one up (green shirt), Bono mentioned that this was our future and we need to take care of our world for them. Couldn't have said it better.

Everyone in Ellipse was very nice and pleasent to be around. 1 guy was smoking right behind us but when we asked him to stop and/or move ... which he did. It was also cool to see some fraternity brothers at the show ... I guess you never know where you are going to run into them.

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