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by Laura Breidenich

First things first - Smashmouth. The entire band was dressed in drag (because of Halloween I'm guessing). The sound was terrible but not their fault. They were very energetic and would probably be great someplace smaller. "Walking on the Sun" is a great song.

This was my fifth U2 show and my second on this tour. This was the best yet. The Silverdome was just the right size for this concert. U2 made it seem huge yet intimate. We saw one of the shows in Chicago this summer and we were much closer to the stage which was cool. However, in order to get the full effect of Pop Mart - further away is better. I can't believe how much we missed close up. The video screen is fantastic and adds so much to the music.

The music was incredible. Of course there were many songs from Pop. Although they aren't as well known by the audience, I thought those were the songs U2 performed with the most passion. I cannot express in words how amazing the song "Please" is live. It's okay on the CD but it takes on a life of its own live on stage. That was without a doubt the highlight of the night. Edge did a very cool acoustic solo of Sunday Bloody Sunday. We older fans were particularly thrilled to hear "I Will Follow".

Of course there were many songs I wish they would have played. U2 could perform a six hour show and there would still be songs I would miss. That's what happens when a band is still going strong after fifteen years.

It was also Larry's birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to him twice. Kinda cool. There were also widespread rumors that U2 were going to be shooting a video in Detroit the next day. Also kinda cool.

Two days after the U2 show I had the pleasure of seeing Sarah McLachlan at a small venue in Detroit. It was a very intimate, understated show. The contrast of the two concerts was amazing and they are probably the two best shows I've ever seen.

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