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by Sean Cannone

I thought the show in Detroit was excellent. I am comparing it to the Pittsburgh show which I also attended. The set was, I believe, better in Detroit with songs like "New Year's Day", "Sunday bloody sunday", "Desire", "All I want is you", and "Wake up dead man". I was truly expecting the show to be very similar to that in Pittsburgh, but I was pleasantly suprised.

The atmosphere was great being Halloween night. But overall, I think the sound quality was better in Pittsburgh and I attribute that to being outdoors. The sound at the Silverdome was loud, but there was a lot of echoing within the building which distorted some of the music. They were also not able to do a lot of the lighting effects indoors, such as the spotlights which shot straight up into the sky in Pittsburgh. That was absolutely amazing. Overall, the concerts both had great qualities but in conclusion, I liked Detroit slightly better just because of the awesome set!

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