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"Hopefully, we're in that privileged position of having no bias, speaking for everyone."

-- Edge

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by John Irvine

I've seen U2 four times from the last two tours (Zoo TV & Joshua Tree). They have always been one of my favorite bands on record and "Live". Unfortunately, I found "Popmart" disappointing.

First of all, the sound was terrible. The band overpowered Bono's voice totally. The stage set-up made absolutely no sense to me. The Arch was in the way of the center screen for those of us sitting on the side. And the olive/toothpick? I don't get it. I think back to ZOO TV where every prop had a function and purpose.

Some of the new songs did not play well at all. "Miami" pre-recodred part skipped several times, making it obvious that it was "PRE-RECORDED."

The highlight of the show was The Edge. For what could be made from the crappy sound system, he rocked as always.

A message to U2: If you're going to spend $6 Million on the World's Largest LCD Screen, why not try to find the money to spend on a decent sound system? You guys sounded great on the Joshua Tree and ZOO TV tours, why not now?

I long for the day U2 drops the HUGE props and pyrotechnics, spend the money on a GREAT sound system and rock the house like they used to.

Bono said at Friday's show point to the stage, "this is what your money bought us." Well Bono, you ripped us, the fans, off.

- A loyal and disappointed fan.

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