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"There's always room in rock 'n' roll for some stuff to start happening at a grassroots level, and the most interesting stuff seems to start there."

-- Edge

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by Oscar Madrid II

New York, London, Paris, Munich, CHICAGO! Wow, is all I have to say, the world's largest video screen was amazing....the band was wonderful, the set list great, what a night, what a city, what a show!

We sat right in front of the B-Stage, it was our own "private show". Bono sang half the concert 5 feet in front of us...and the point where Bono held my girlfriends hand during "With or Without You" I thought I was going to faint, let alone her. I wasn't jealous that she was holding another man's hand, I was jealous because I wasn't holding his hand! =) I did however manage to throw my Pop-esque polyester shirt and hit Bono with it during the end of "Bullet the Blue Sky", he didn't pick it up as he was in character, but the expression on his face was priceless, but " would have matched your pants!"

I had the biggest rush of my life when the band entered inches away from me during the opening track "Pop Muzik", as Bono ran up to the stage and did his boxing thing, the crowd went wild.

I can still hear the chant "Mo-Fo!" The Edge was hilarious during his karaoke "Sweet Caroline" even screwed up the words a bit. It was a great moment when Bono came running by me with a fan, they both then ran back on stage to finish "Last Night on Earth", I bet he won't forget that moment, he milked it. The images on the screen were good, for what I saw, most the time I was watching the performance right in front of me, I swear it felt like we were in a club, because we were closer than we probably would have been in a club. All in all it was fantastic, I'll see these Irish boys again in my hometown, St.Louis, November 8th. till then...

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