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"So one of the reasons we invented this entity Passengers, is to allow U2 to be somebody else besides U2, I suppose."

-- Brian Eno

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by Yvette Canet

Great Show great energy, from the start our hairs on our arms were standing up ... My favorite part of the show was UNKNOWN CALLER, can't believe how this new song dominates the concert, I loved it before and now it's my favorite song ever!!!! The only negative is how predictable the concert was, no surprises... however it's my fault, I am guilty of looking at previous concerts, thinking that they would surprise here in my home town concert!!! Not the case, what happened to Drowning Man, Mysterious ways and Electrical Storm??? Anyway, I'll be back for show 2 in just a few hours, hopefully they completely change it up!!! I'll keep you all posted!!! We are hungry for more!!!! J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi!

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