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"[A}s angry as some of the hip-hop people get, their music always has hips. Punk's got no hips: it's very Northern European."

-- Bono

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by Matt McGee

I'll reiterate what I posted about the Vegas show already -- the band was SO tight again tonight. They just aren't missing any cues and aren't messing up any songs. They played Mysterious Ways in place of New Year's Day early on, and I kinda thought we might be in for a setlist shakeup, what with this being the 3rd L.A. Show. That never really materialized, though. I did finally get to hear "Out of Control" live for the first time ever, and it was better than expected. The gang I was with said they had to step back and just watch because I was jumping like a madman the whole song. That song alone was worth the price of admission! Enjoy the pictures....

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