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I don't like music unless it has a healing effect. I don't like it when people leave concerts still feeling edgy."

-- Bono

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by Eamonn Foley

Just got home from Twicks.... Great show, setlist similar to Manchester 2, they omitted "all because of you" again. The band were really pumped and Bono mentioned that it was going out live on the BBC. It was a really balmy night after the hottest day of the summer in London thus far!

My only complaint was that the sound was too sharp and piercing, not as crisp as Manchester which was a treat for the ears. I dont know if it was because I was in the stands, or whether it was those speakers mounted on poles. My eats are ringing more than they were when I was in the bomb shelter, earphones, claddah or whatever you want to call it!

Another satisfied customer :)

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