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"The emotions that are on this record are very abstract, out of focus, fragmented, its words are gray. But that is exactlywhat it should be."

-- Bono, on War

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by Shawn Bison

It is now the middle of the night in London and I've just returned from a major pub crawl with my three new friends, Alexis (American), Jack (Australian), and Bruno (Cornwall!). The tour has not yet taken its toll on this U2 fan, but I must say tonight's performance was a strong one, compared to the two previous. I'm not too keen on the return of some old played-out tunes, and I have had enough of the double-helping of Vertigo; however tonight's show was all about Yahweh. Perhaps one of the greatest songs ever written by Bono, The Edge, Larry, and Adam. That song took me to another place tonight.

Well, I must get some shut-eye for the big day of exploration around Londontown tomorrow.


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