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"There are still some wild, unorthodox, unpredictable, furry animals to go in this zoo."

-- Edge, on the Zoo TV tour, 1993

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by Martin Edney

My fifth time at a U2 show and the best to date. Our tickets (courtesy of my friend, Mark) got us into the inner circle and the most amazing view I have ever had of U2 (apart from when I met Bono, Edge and Adam in Bertorelli's in Soho, on May 18 1998).

So, Twickenham. I was a bit apprehensive about this show ... you never know what you will get with a stadium show... especially the sound. And if it rains, it can spoil the whole thing. Fortunately, we were close enough to the front for the sound to be clear and crisp. It was almost as good as the sound at Earls Ct. on elevation, which is saying something for a stadium. And it was a beautifully clear and crisp evening, too. Couldn't really have been better. My ratings....

U2 performance 10/10
Bono's voice (bit flaky at times, but generally strong 8/10.
Sound 9/10 (on account of our position, almost perfect)
Lighting etc 9/10 (loved it, the LED screen looked good)
Set list 9/10

I would have preferred a couple of extra songs from the new album, rather than Pride, Bloody Sunday, Bullet the blue sky, One etc., which U2 perform every time. However, Electric Co, and Zoo station were a breath of fresh air, and the encore was simply awesome... it was almost surreal.

So, overall, my opinion is U2 are on form, and I would like to see Coldplay kick up the sort of rock and roll storm that I witnessed tonight. They simply would not be able to do it! In my opinion, U2 remain the biggest band in the world.... by a mile.

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