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"Although spending a couple of months a year [in Ireland] is only a vague impression of home, any place else would seem like work."

-- Adam

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The only downside of yesterday's show was the queuing in the 30 degree heat for the wrist bands.A lot of people got sunstroke.
However the show more than made up and was amazing and the band were on form and the Twickenham audience responded very well.Many many emotional moments and only a band like U2 can continue to make grown men cry like me!!
The curfew was a pain as the encore was cut a bit short,All because of you and With or without you dropped due to the 10.30 finish.
I love this band so much and it is a pleasure being labelled a fan and meeting all the like minded fans at all the shows.

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September 29, 2018
Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark

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