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"There's always room in rock 'n' roll for some stuff to start happening at a grassroots level, and the most interesting stuff seems to start there."

-- Edge

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by THE Zarman

A long time devoted fan of U2, who until tonight had not seen them live, I tried my best to contain my excitment. The queue for official T-Shirts somewhat helped ebb the excitement which in a way provided a much needed calm before the storm (also, there was some comedy extracted from less patient fans queuing for t-shirts...)

Lets cut to the chase. It was a fantastic show. I will never forget this evening. Bono was extremely animated and energetic - emanating that fantastic front man persona. The Edge, Larry, and Adam all interacted with the fans making frequent trips out to the two smaller stages set amongst the inner circle of fans. The whole band had an aura about them. It was just great to see them live!

I have seen DVDs and videos of previous concerts and this was far better - being live and having a wider range of hits probably helped make this so.

I won't go through the set list as this has been covered in other reviews. The highlight for me, aside from the whole experience, was the beginning sequence to the encore which included the Zoo TV 'inteference' before ripping into Zoo Station (one of my all time favourite songs). Bono appeared as a dark figure against a white bakground on two big screens doing the military style motions and 'co-ordinated' swaggering to each reverse guitar cord and drum intro to Zoo Station. This was an amazing snippet and a great tribute to the entrance the band made on the Zoo TV tour and I never thought i'd see that live.

Going back to U2's entrance tonight, from where I was sitting I was able to see the band make there walk towards the set just before talking to the stage. I'll never forget the feeling of seeing them 'live' and in the flesh. I'll never forget Bono's hand going up in the air towards our seating section and producing a 'v' sign in response to the crazed fans, which included me....

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