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"Warcould be the story of a broken home, a family at war. Instead of putting tanks and guns on the cover, we've put a child's face.

-- Bono

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by Mikey

My first of three Vertigo shows and despite being slightly worried after reading so many average reviews from the US it was great to see U2 in London again. London remains one of their oldest fan bases (outside of Ireland) and they really deliver when they play here.

The positives:
The GA Lineup Staff, very helpful, walking down the line to give out wrist bans rather than a mad rush.
Hearing U2 do a full soundcheck at 3.30pm, playing All I Want is You and an extended version of Wild Horses.
The Doves.
I Will Follow / The Electric Co. Outstanding.
ISHFWILF : Twickenham went nuts
COBL, really mind blowing live performance.
The Encore set, really surprised by the vibe of this section. Zoostation/Fly really worked well.

The negatives:
Not hearing Wild Horses after soundcheck.
Not hearing Bad.
Elements of the show didn't flow for me, hence it is not as polished as the Elevation tour.
Bono's voice sounds like he is talking over some of the newer songs rather than singing.
10.30 curfew.

All in all a good show, not the best ever but very good. Hopefully tonight will be as good.

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