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"[I]f something goes completely wrong I can just phone Bono and find, again, that he's probably one of the best psychologists I know."

-- Ali

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by Nij

Well just had to mention the amazing performance of U2 at Twickenham last night. I first saw U2 on the Joshua tree tour at Wembley in June 87, and have seen the 8 times since. Yesterday’s gig was the closest I’ve been, in fact I helped the girl who couldn’t use the vide camera up from her spot on the front barrier, under the Edge, during Mysterious Ways. Also, when Bono threw water from his bottle on Vertigo, we got sprayed, as if we were getting spiritually blessed :)

Firstly, after reading the reviews of the Manchester, I was a little concerned that we could be heading for another wristband fiasco. So, me and me pal heading off with food/beers in hand to the Stadium arriving at 12.00pm. We need not have worried, we were greeted with military precision organizing, and the wristbands were on our arms by 3.15pm. In fact anyone arriving before 3.00pm, at the gate was giving one. And the organizing didn’t stop there, it was just as effective all the way into the bomb shelter.

Couldn’t believe how easy we strolled to the front of the shelter. So on to the gig :

Positives :
1. Bono’s performance was the best I’ve ever witnessed. He truly loved every minute he was out there.
2. The response to I still haven’t found, was simply sensationally.
3. Bullet, Streets..tell me another other songs that can have every single person in any concert, singing and dancing along, like those songs do.
4. I saw Bono mutter WOW 3 times to himself during I Still haven’t found, and when I turned around, saw the view he had of the Stadium , and realized why, you looked beautiful tonight !
5. No crushed ribs !
6. A beautiful summer’s night..
7. GA Security – Well done guys, very well organized.

Negatives :
1. It truly was a different experience seeing U2 in the 80’s/early 90’s, where you had the scars to prove you’d been to one of their gigs, not saying it’s a positive, but the new generation are more interested in seeing the gig through their mobile phone/digi-camera. They should be jumping/screaming and clapping to every song. Still couldn’t believe I was the loudest nutter, in a 10ft radius, considering we were directly under the idols. Thankfully most people left me to it..Like Bono said they can be “Dangerous little devices”, but the effect they gave during One was special..
2. Possibly change 5-10% of the set-list, based on their huge catalog, to hear songs from the War/Unforgettable Fire era…but I guess you never truly please everyone at every gig..So I’ll let it slide.
3. At times, Larry looked as if he fancied being on a beach somewhere have a Guinness or two…maybe the thought of another 6 months touring, but clearly pacing himself…
4. The 3 hours to get home, less than 2 miles away !

Anyhow, all U2 fans, new or old, will have no other impression but cheer joy and unforgettable memories of any gig U2 perform on this tour…They are still on the top of their game, and no-one can touch them in their profession….Enjoy the ride !

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