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"I may not be the best bass player in U2, but I amthe bass player."

-- Adam

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by jason skuse

This was my 2nd time seeing u2,the first being elevation at paris in 2001.Originally had general admission tickets but for some reason our ticket company decided to upgrade our Ga tickets for seated ones!.We weren't to pleased about this to begin with but upon entering the stadium we realised we had a decent view from the east stand lower tier.Still nothing quite like being down on the pitch though.As for the gig,knew it was going to be special from the moment we saw the boys walking backstage.A quick peace sign from Bono to us in the east stand and they were ready to go.I'm not going to go through the setlist as everyone pretty much knows what to expect now.They could play anything off any album and it would be amazing.All the band was on top form especially The Edge who was on fire.I don't think I've ever seen him smile so much as he stamped and jangled his way through all the classics,even think i saw him do some pogoing during one of the early numbers!.The sound quality was pretty good for a stadium show apart from the zoo tv encore where Adams bass sound went a bit out of control! .The visuals was excellent as soon as it got dark enough for the screen to really kick in.Overall a top gig from a top band.I'm lucky enough to be going to see them again in chicago on the 3rd leg,so can't wait for that.Bring it on!

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