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"Adam is our jazz man and the Edge has more children than Abraham."

-- Bono

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by gianmaria

what a night, what a show...I queued eight hours under the scorching sun, in one of the hottest days in London history I suppose. Anyway, that allowed me to enter in the inner circle, in the second row just between Bono and Adam.
The show was absolutely great, I didn't expect them to play "I will follow" and I went totally insane as they did it, "electric co." was totally brilliant and so was "elevation". I love the way they are playing it in this tour, it allows Bono to flirt with the crowd and everyone knows how good he is at doing that and how much people love it! Other highlights: Bono playing the drum at the end of "Love and peace or else" and the entire Achtung baby encore.
The stage is extracool, the sound great and Bono's voice strong and powerful and then what can I say about The Edge...he is The Man!

In the end...they are just boys playing rock and roll...but they do it in such an exciting way!


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