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"The last time we took a TV station on the road -- this time we are taking a supermarket."

-- Bono, on Popmart, 1997

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by Michael West

In 1993 U2 set the standard for every stadium act to follow. Mark Fischer's set was epic, the video feeds were unheard of, lighting exceptional and the sound was rich. They were on top of their game and stopped at nothing to put on the best ever show.

Jun 18th was about the 10th time I've seen U2 and I felt they were on the downward slope. The staging and sound (tinny and completely lacking low range) and overall feel had none of the energy or impact of The Joshua Tree tour or Zooropa.

But depth and soul seem to have given way to preening and demagoguery and I cannot join the breathless tributes on these pages.

U2 are in that exclusive club of bands that can jam a stadium - and they are capable of a great deal more than they delivered in London.

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