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"Maybe that is the step forward on this record, to be able to have the freedom to have humour sitting alongside songs that are deadly earnest, and the two actually balance out each other."

-- Edge, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

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by Kevin Rowett

I can't help but agree with most of the reviews on this site. Being a 50 plus 6 months rock fan, I thought I'd seen it all at the Floyd concerts that I'd attended since 1971. However I have to say I was blown away on Saturday evening at Twickenham. Let's start in the boiling sun. early evening with The Doves who I thought were OK, but bordered on arrogant (particularly the lead singer) who mimicked Bono by stepping out on to the extended stage.(mmm can't for the life of me remember his name!!) However Athlete whom my daughter said would be "brilliant Dad" fact were! they were thrilled to be asked to play on the same bill as U2, and the lead singer couldn't stop saying thanks..and why not...a message here Mr lead singer of The Doves. Anyway to the main event, quite brilliant. An incredible presence on stage by all 4 musicians who seemed in complete control. I have no idea how The Edge creates the sound he does. I'd have sworn that that there was a key board player out there somewhere!
We had brilliant seats right on the half way line but as soon as the concert started, we never sat down again. My wife Liz was "iffy" about going but she danced pretty much the whole time ang loved it. I thought for a stadium concert that the sound was fantastic, lights (from 9.30 pm were great) and all in all a wonderful time. Living in deepest Cornwall we don't get regular opportunities to see quality bands of this stature, so it was quite an upliting exoperience for us all. By the way, I've seen some cool people in my life, but Larry Mullen..well!

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