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"[M]usic has lost the personality of human beings and musicians. It's got so shiny that it's as if there's a surface of Formica over it. And it's something that doesn't let you in."

-- Edge, 2003

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by IcePalli

when I was in high school and learning physics for 20 years ago in Iceland. I learned about how to build an atomic bomb.

It was a Beautiful Day and hot in London. It was my first U2 show. My first goosebumps came in Elevation song.
Much better than I expected. Where the streets have no name was powerful and great to see Bono drumming in Love and Peace or Else with his white band on his head.
Overall I got goosebumps four times. Great to see The Edge and Adam Clayton in the two circle in one song.
Great to see how U2 goes to their original and repeat Vertigo song, Italian idea of an encore. When U2 first played in England, in 1979, they only had songs to last 45 minutes. They always repeated an early single, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock or I Will Follow, at the end of every show.

Out of what is The Edge made of? I was sweathing in my seat and he played like angel with his cap all the show!

The politic is always near when U2 play. They filled my batteries, now I can go to the highland of Iceland and protest Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Power Plant and silly fishing quota system in Iceland.
When I came to my hotel, I could not sleep, I was awake for one hour. I had so much power and U2 songs in my head.

I was in west stand middle and the crowd was brilliant on the floor.
The Set List was perfect, split into chapters and well formulated.

The sound was good and nothing failed. When I came to my work on monday two consulting people where showing me powerpoint show. It failed three times. I thought about the U2 show, much more complicated

I was one of about 300 people from Iceland. This show was 1.896 km worth.
It surprised my how silent people were in the que to the trains. People from everywhere but few of African descent. I have been in London watching Arsenal football games and the supporters sing a lot more

Now I know about How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb!

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