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"I don't want people coming to me, or the group, as some sort of God substitute or guru-like goons because I can look at myself in the mirror and just laugh."

-- Bono

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by Helen Dobson

WOW . . that really is the only word which describes the show for me. As a 16 year old at the time who had listened to her parents for years going on and on about how after you've been to a U2 concert nothing will ever compare . . it finally sunk in on the 18th June 2005 that they were telling the truth 100%! On probably the hottest day of the year we queued from about midday in the blazing heat. We waited and waited and waited, the atmosphere building and building . . until we finally got our green wristbands and knew we were actually going to be near to Bono and the band! Athlete were a great build up to what we knew was going to be one of the best nights of our lives. Soon the time came . . the place went crazy, absolutely fantastic. So loud, so wild, so amazing. Having grown up listening to U2, it was great to hear the songs id become used to . . with the highlights being Pride, One, I will follow and of course the legendary Streets. Love and Peace was possibly THE highlight of the night, the emotion Bono put into playing the drums was fantastic. But then there was the emotion put into Sometimes you can't make it, also so moving. How can you choose a favourite moment from a concert that was not only a great night but made you think about everything . .you can't .. it was all just WOW!

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