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by Alan

U2 certainly put on a show and there is no doubt they are very polished performers. However, I'm sure I'm not alone among long term fans, thinking that the whole show is a little bit contrived and rehearsed. The magic of U2 comes through spontaniety. And to announce "sorry there is a strict curfew, so we have to go... goodnight" ! is such a downer !!. As far as I know the only loss to them is a fine and maybe even refusals to play Twickenham again but who gives a shit !!!!
Don't get me wrong this is a great show, especially for the vast majority of people in the audience who are U2 virgins . Unfortunately, because that means the majority of people don't know the songs, then it makes it a very hollow experience for U2 fans. I was in the inner circle tonight where you would expect to find the core of U2 's support but as I looked around during songs all I saw were blank faces , clearly oblivious to virtually every song.
It would have been so simple for U2 to only allow access to the front area for fan club members which would have weeded out the punters who took a wrong turn from the West End theatre district and ended up standing next to me at a feckin U2 concert !!!

Anyhoo, the show was good and U2 are playing on top form at the minute but why no more changes to the set !!! Especially as the light show is redundant for the first 7 or 8 songs of the show, which makes it so much easier to vary the songs.

On both nights I enjoyed the show, at least until the second rendition of Vertigo , when I was stood there thinking , if only this was BAD !!!!. Just like they did in the States.
But where is BAD ??, are they ever going to play their BEST song ??, how can the average Beautiful Day or tired New Years Day be better choices ??

Anyway, this sucker/diehard fan is off to Glasgow tomorrow after shelling out some more of my hard earned cash...will Bono and Co. show the courtesy and make the effort to mix up the songs and STOP playing the same feckin average song twice ........I doubt it. The corporate juggernaut that is U2 will roll on regardless ,so I'm sure Bono is too busy counting his millions, 15 for a programme, are you kidding me??, I bought the book "U2 show" for 15. Why would he even care about what thousands of FANS like myself are thinking , he's too busy entertaining the masses, people who would probably 'pop to the loo' if One Tree Hill came on !!!

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