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"You can't fill a large stadium physically. You have to fill it with music."

-- Adam

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by Shawn Bison

I'm writing this from an internet caf just over the border from England into Scotland. I've forgotten the name of the town, but it's tiny. I've always dreamed of going to Scotland, with it's lush green rolling hills, castles, folklore, the Loch Ness monster, and Python-esque draw - but I'd never thought I'd visit it in the midst of a whirlwind U2 tour, going to see every single show, and only spending a few days in each city. Regardless, it's fun and I'm excited. Simple Minds is from Scotland. I like them. But U2 is clearly better.

Anyway, after an inspring day in London, I took it upon myself to get in line super-early for the 2nd of two shows... bad idea. It got really hot and I started to feel dehydrated. I asked this girl I was waiting with (thanks Jen!) to save my spot in line. Next thing I knew I was sprawled out on the grass near Big Ben and lots of traffic - out like a light for a 3 hour nap. When I awoke, I was refreshed and felt better than ever. I got myself a Starbucks, a bagel, and headed back over to the stadium. This was the most pumped I had ever been for a U2 show. It was humid, nearly 100 degrees, yet I was ecstatic.

The show was another monumental one. I was in the FRONT row (!) right in front of The Edge. I was fixated on his effects pedals and technology all night that I almost didn't realize they mixed up the setlist as they did. I was overjoyed. The inclusion of All Because Of You as the second tune was beautiful and Wild Horses was very nice. I'm still voting for Crumbs and Original, especially in place of the double-Vertigo. One of the best of the tour indeed.

See you in Glasgow. My train leaves soon!

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