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"I think that love stands out when set against struggle. That's probably the power of [War] in a nutshell."

-- Bono

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by Christina Corcoran

My apologies to U2! Winnipeg was for the most part a dead audience. It was comprised of mainly 30 somethings who wanted to sit and be entertained. The younger set was up but seemed bored with the older tunes. This obviously made an impresssion on the band. There was seemingly very little expression from them towards the crowd. Bono did his bit with the cheorographed stuff. Unfortunatly Winnipeg gave very little to work with. I even saw Bono at one point jumping up and down trying to entice the audience into doing something. However all that aside, the show was a tickle to the senses.

There were times in Pride (which he dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. referring to him as saint) that there was real passion and fire. Bono did make reference to the Floods that had overcome the Red River Valley and praised area residents for coming through it valiantly. I can't remember which song but at one point Bono broke into an Native song/cry ... not sure if this was added for Canadian shows in honour of Native Canadians.

Ladies he took the young lady from out of the crowd during Miami, and she was at the front of the B stage, prime "pick me Bono" seats!

It was announced by Bono that The Edge was feeling ill, however he still pulled off the "sing along" in an incredible manner. As far as Larry & Adam ...well not to be unflattering but except for the coming out of the big lemon number..they played and thats about all.

As negative as this is, I myself had an incredible time, I have waited my whole musical listening life to see them live and now I can say I have. The whole show is worth any ticket price and more.

P.S. I waited after the show outside and met both The Edge and Bono. They were exhausted but did sign autographs. Bono posed for pics even though he stated the flash hurt his eyes. Both left an impression of peaceful, quiet people. Who don't mind having a little chat for a few minutes. Hint... to meet them you have to find the entrance were the cars pick them up and wait ... it was about 2:30am before the band surfaced after the concert.

Please folks when U2 comes to your town, give them an interested audience and I'm sure they will be interactive with you.

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