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"Some people expect U2 to come on like a political band. . . . Other people see us as prophets. Some see us as pop stars. . . . And we're not any of those things. We're probably all of them. I don't know what we are."

-- Bono

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"Devil Inside"

A cover of Devil Inside by INXS

This song was originally released on Cover Songs.

Dec 01, 2010, Etihad Stadium, Melbourne Australia (snippet)

Aug 19, 2001, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London England (snippet)
Aug 06, 2001, Sportpaleis, Antwerp Belgium (snippet)

Total: 2

May 13, 2001, United Center, Chicago, Illinois United States (snippet)
Apr 15, 2001, Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon United States (snippet)
Apr 09, 2001, Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary Canada (snippet)
Apr 06, 2001, Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado United States (snippet)
Apr 03, 2001, Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas United States (snippet)
Apr 02, 2001, Compaq Center, Houston, Texas United States (snippet)
Mar 30, 2001, Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia United States (snippet)
Mar 26, 2001, National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, Florida United States (snippet)
Mar 24, 2001, National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, Florida United States (snippet)

Total: 9

Feb 07, 2001, Astoria Theatre, London England (snippet)

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