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"John Lennon really did kind of write the rule book. As a tunesmith, as an irritant, as a willing taker of pratfalls. He was in the queue for the mud pies -- all of that stuff that I do, I got from his little red book."

-- Bono

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"Need You Tonight"

A cover of Need You Tonight by INXS

This song was originally released on Cover Songs.

Dec 14, 2010, ANZ Stadium, Sydney Australia (snippet)
Dec 13, 2010, ANZ Stadium, Sydney Australia (snippet)
Dec 09, 2010, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Australia (snippet)

Total: 3

Feb 27, 1998, Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney Australia (snippet)

Nov 23, 1997, Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas United States (snippet)

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