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"What we mean by pop music of the '90s is maybe not what everyone else thinks but it's pop to us."

-- Edge, on Pop

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U2 Concerts in ANZ Stadium

U2 has performed 1 times in ANZ Stadium. Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of 22 songs.

ANZ Stadium is located in Brisbane,  Australia

The ANZ Stadium is now known as the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (QSAC), and is a major sporting facility on the south side of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The facility opened in 1975 and was officially named Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Sports Centre by the Queen in 1977,and was named ANZ Stadium from 1993 to 2003, when it was the home of the Brisbane Broncos rugby league football team. The stadium currently has a capacity of 48,400 people. Past acts who have played at the stadium include Bruce Springsteen (1985), U2 (1993), Madonna (1993), The Rolling Stones (1995), The Eagles (1995), Michael Jackson (1996), Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002), Pearl Jam (2009) and AC/DC (2010). The stadium also hosted the 1982 Commonwealth Games.

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Nov 20, 1993 ANZ Stadium
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Unchained Melody1

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