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"I don't really like hanging out with musicians. [I]t's hard to really talk about anything. Sitting and talking about Peavey amps is not my thing."

-- Adam

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U2 Concerts in Wembley Stadium (II)

U2 has performed 2 times in Wembley Stadium (II). Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of no songs.

Wembley Stadium (II) is located in London,  England

Wembley Stadium opened in 2007 in the same spot where the original Wembley Stadium had stood for more than 75 years. Like it's predecessor, the new Wembley hosts many of the major sporting events in Great Britain including international and cup final matches in football, the National Football League American football games, the 2012 Summer Olympics, as well as major rugby matches.

New Wembley has also hosted major musical concerts by Muse, Madonna, the Killers, the Foo Fighters, and the Live Earth benefit concert in 2007.

U2 played Wembley on their 360 tour in 2009.

Wembley Stadium (II) Website

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