Welcome Guide: @U2 Tours (beta)!

Welcome to the new U2tours.com, which is moving to its new home on @U2 at tours.atu2.com. We're in a "beta" period right now. That means we're still testing things and adding more concert data, but we want to let U2 fans start to kick the tires with us. (And please let us know if you have questions or find bugs/kinks.)

The new site is unique enough that we've decided to share this guide to help you learn what's new and how it all works. Here's a look at the most noticeable new features:

Personalized Fan Profiles


If you register for an account, you'll be able to create a fan profile page like this one with your name, photo and your personal U2 concert history.

The profile lists

  • how many reviews and photos you've contributed over the years to the site
  • each review you've posted (with links to read each one and, if you're logged in, an "Edit" button if you need to change something)
  • all the photos you've shared -- some on the profile page and then the whole collection on their own page
  • all the U2 concerts you've attended in your life (with links to each concert detail page)
  • all the songs you've ever heard U2 perform at the shows you attended
  • all the song snippets you've ever heard U2 perform in concert

All this personalization is possible by creating an account!

How to Create an Account and Claim Your Concerts/Reviews

You'll find our main site menu on every page of tours.atu2.com. It looks like this:


Click the "Register" link in the upper right to get started.

Once you have an account and are logged in, you can search or browse the site to find every U2 concert you've attended. On each concert page, you'll see text right before the setlist giving you a chance to click a link to indicate that you were there. The show will be added to your profile right away.

Claiming reviews that you've already written on U2tours.com is very similar. Find the review that's already on the site and look for the link at the end of the page that says "Claim this review." Click that and, in the popup window, tell us a little bit of information to help us make sure that the review is yours.

We'll manually review all claims and process them as fast as possible, but your claimed reviews may not show up on your profile immediately.

Improved Concert Detail Page

You'll notice a lot more information on each concert page, and a different layout.

Here's what each number means:

1) At the top, we have three tabs separating the basic info -- concert details, photos and reviews. (Shows that don't yet have photos or reviews won't display those tabs.)

2) Better geographic data. We've turned venue names, cities, states and country names into links so that you can see all the shows U2 has played in any specific location.

Also new is what we're calling AREAS. Although U2 played in Pasadena on October 25, 2009, this is often considered a "Los Angeles" concert. So we've grouped cities together as best we could and you can click the small print ("See more concerts in the [NAME] area") to really get a true sense of how often U2 has played in specific areas.

3) We've always listed opening acts, but now you can click the artist's name to learn more and see a list of all U2 shows that artist has opened.

4) We've had hundreds of requests over the years to show U2's setlists in list form, not in paragraph form like we used to on U2tours.com. Consider it done. We've also added links to song videos (see "Breathe" and others) and other song notes (see "Stuck In A Moment") right with each song.

5) At a glance, you can now see how many songs from different U2 releases were performed at any given show.

6) Expanded comments. The shackles are gone! We can now write as much as we want in adding commentary about each show. We can also link to other information (news stories, other concert pages, etc.) from inside the comments.

7) Tags. We're "tagging" certain shows with extra bits of information to help you discover more of U2's concert history. In the example above, the Pasadena 360 show is tagged "Released" to indicate that this concert (or at least a portion of it) was officially released in either audio or video format. You can click the word "Released" to see all other shows that were released in one form or another. Some of the other tags you'll find are "Awards," "TV," "Radio" and individual tags for solo appearances/performances by each band member.

Easier Site Navigation

As you've seen on the screenshots above, we have a lot of links on all of our pages. When you're looking at a specific concert, we link to city names, country names, song names, U2 albums and much more. But if you want to find all concerts that U2 has played in Italy, or every show where Muse was the opening act, you don't have to start on a concert page.

Our new site navigation lets you dig into U2's concert history however you want.


The first column (on the left) is all about U2's concerts -- All Tours, All Concerts, etc., all the way down to a list of artists that U2 has covered. (In case you ever want to know if U2 has covered Ace Of Base, for example. And yes, they have.)

The middle column is all about geography -- continents, countries, etc., all the way down to individual venues. Want to know if U2 has played more in Europe or North America? Click on "Continents." Want to know if they've played more in Brisbane or Bristol? Click on "Cities."

The third column (on the right) is where you can register or login, see other user profiles on the site or do a search.

Filtering & Sorting Pages

Part of the easier navigation is improved filtering and sorting on most every link you see in that site navigation box.

Let's use the "Songs Performed" page as our example.


That page, like several others, presents a really long list of data when you visit it. In this case, on the "All" tab, you're getting a list of every song that U2 has ever performed in full or as a snippet. So if you're looking for a specific song, or maybe you want to find all the songs that U2 has played with the word "walk" in the title, it would take a long time to scroll down to the "W" songs.

Fortunately, you don't need to scroll down like that.

One option is to use the "sort arrows" that you'll see on this page (and others like it). This list sorts by default in alphabetical order, but if you click the sort arrow next to "Song," it'll flip to show all the songs in reverse alphabetical order.


You can also click the sort arrow next to "Play Count" to see what songs have been played the most or the least.

Even more powerful is the "Filter by:" box above "Play Count." You can type whatever you want there and, as you type, the full list will be filtered down just to things that match what's in the box. Type "love" and you'll see just songs with "love" in the title, or you can try "walk" like we mentioned above.


You'll find this "Filter by:" box and the sort arrows on most of our main navigation pages. (The "Continents" and "U2 Releases" pages are the two exceptions.)

Couple Other New Features

There are a couple other things we want to mention quickly:

Tour Maps

We're building out geographic data for every venue where U2 has performed. One of the results of this is that you'll be able to see entire legs of U2 tours mapped out, like this one for the second leg of U2 360:

Not every tour leg will have a map. That's primarily because many of U2's older concerts happened at venues that don't exist today, so we're not able to pinpoint a location. But we'll keep working to build out as many maps as possible.

Smart Venue Pages

You probably know that venues (especially in the U.S.) tend to change names every so often. That makes it tough to track how often U2 has played in a certain building. We're building out our Venues database to be smart enough to know when one building has had multiple names.

For example, you might be looking to see every concert U2 has performed at The Summit in Houston. As it turns out, only four of the band's five concerts there happened when it was called "The Summit." Our site is smart enough to know that it was most recently known as the Compaq Center, and group all of those concerts together on a single venue page.

We think that's a neat addition to understanding U2's touring history, and hope you do, too!

That feature, along with most everything else you'll find on the new tours.atu2.com is still being built out with additional data. And that's why we're asking for your help during this beta/testing period.

How You Can Help

We're looking for fans to help us finish the new site. For more on that, please read How You Can Help.