@U2 Tours: How You Can Help

As we've said, this is a beta launch of the new tours.atu2.com site. That means we're still working on things, and we really want your help.

The best way to help is to start using the site! Our welcome guide provides an overview of how you can help:

  1. Register an account to create your profile page.
  2. Find all the U2 concerts you've attended and click to indicate you were there.
  3. If you've previously submitted reviews and/or photos to U2tours.com, claim them for your profile.
  4. If you've never submitted photos or reviews, submit now to build out your profile.
  5. Test the different sections of the site. Try to get answers to these questions, for example:
    • Has U2 played more often in North America or Europe? What about California versus New York?
    • How many times has Ash opened up for U2?
    • When was the last time U2 performed "In God's Country" in concert?
    • How many different Bob Dylan songs has U2 covered in concert?
    • Which song from the October album has been performed most often?
    • What venue has had the most U2 performances?

As you use the site, write down any questions you have as a user and make notes on things that look broken or incorrect. Send an email (or as many emails as you want) to webmaster@atu2.com and please be as detailed as possible in your email. We need to know exactly what URL/page you were looking at when you found something wrong or had a question. It might also help to know what kind of computer you use (PC or Mac or other) and what browser you use (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

In addition, there are a few specific areas where help is greatly needed:


As we explained already, we know our setlists are incomplete. This is particularly true with snippets, which we often didn't have space to include on U2tours.com. There are two ways to help here:

  1. Anytime you're listening to a U2 live show, or watching a live video on YouTube, please compare what you hear to what we list for the show. If you find we're missing something, or have something wrong, send us an email (webmaster@atu2.com) with the details.
  2. If you want to help fix setlists on a more permanent basis, we're open to adding staff to @U2. This would involve going tour-by-tour and show-by-show, comparing what we have listed to what U2 actually played. This is a commitment of your time and energy for an indefinite period of time. Send an email to let us know about your interest (webmaster@atu2.com). This would be a formal position on the @U2 staff.

Note about #2 above: If your idea of fixing setlists is just to copy what U2gigs.com or another site lists, we're not interested. For starters, it's not fair to the other sites to do that. And secondly, we don't necessarily have the same idea of what counts as a snippet and what doesn't.


We don't claim to be world geography experts. We've done our best to assign every city into its larger geographic area, but we know some of you will disagree. We'd love to know if you think a certain city/town should be connected to a different area than what we've chosen. Our email is webmaster@atu2.com.


Chances are that we've missed a venue renaming at some point along the way. (Who can keep track of all the name changes!!??) If you see that we have one building listed under two separate names, please let us know so that we can list it as a single venue that just had different names. Our email is webmaster@atu2.com.

Thank you for helping as we launch the new @U2 Tours into beta -- we look forward to seeing you on the site!